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Karima is available to share stories at a variety of events, including:

Live Performances

Performances are available for all ages (children and adults) and for a variety of venues. Previous performances have been provided for schools, colleges, daycare centers, correctional facilities, libraries, bookstores, museums, art galleries, concert halls, park programs, conferences, festivals, assisted living facilities, churches and more. Private performances are also available for birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions, funerals, weddings, and memorials.


"How to....." workshops are available for those who wish to improve their writing and/or storytelling skills. Workshops are available for ages 12 and over. Workshops are provided for groups of 5 - 15.

Lecture Demonstrations

What is the purpose of storytelling? What is the value of storytelling? What is the history of storytelling? What is the place of oral storytelling in these days of increased technology? Lecture Demonstrations provide both information and modeling.

Staff Development

Storytelling can enliven staff development, enhance communication skills, and encourage team-building.


If you have an interest in connecting storytelling with any one of the following topics, Karima Amin may prove to be an invaluable resource person: Literacy, Black History, Women's Empowerment, Teen Girls Development, and Community Building.

What People Are Saying About Karima

"Karima is the master storyteller.....My children have been reciting her stories

 and acting them out around the clock." (K. Cinch)

"What else is there to say but...EXCELLENT! Karima's "honey-sweet" voice brings new life to stories that, for some, have been forgotten....each tale will have young and old thirsting for another. You feel warm all if you're sitting in a rocking chair with one of your grandparents as they pass down that nightly dose of your heritage." (C. Richards)

She is a remarkable woman who followed the beat of her own drum many years ago to carve out for herself an exciting career as one of the most important and significant storytellers in the Western New York region. She is co-founder of “Spin-A-Story Tellers of WNY” and “Tradition Keepers: Black Storytellers of WNY.” (M. Rosa)

I worked with Karima Amin as a fellow performer and teaching artist through CEPA Gallery and Just Buffalo Literary Corps in 2008. I have always been a fan of her work engaging students/audience members of all ages. She is immensely entertaining. I find her a woman of high integrity and distinct talent. I look forward to seeing her perform again as much as I look forward to working with her once more.

Her choice of medium speaks to the vital nature of storytelling as an agent promoting peace and further community healing. This is type of cultural revitalization is necessary now more than ever.

We have so many powerhouse media companies blanketing us with a narrow reflection of what they perceive as profitable storytelling. This dangerous homogenous voice could very well consume our thoughts and esteem and worst of all, our memories. Karima works against this. Her selfless work promotes sustainable communities. I am one of many who must be humbled and filled with gratitude for the places she takes us all with her gifts and drive. (L. Mariani)


Fees are determined by travel time, venue, purpose of engagement, required presentation/preparation time, size of audience, etc. Contact Karima for a quote. A program will be tailor-made to suit your needs.

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